BVI Year Two, Day Six


All good things must come to an end and that us certainly proven as today is our last day in the BVI. The day started off with a breakfast of monstrous donuts and then off to service. We learned that this year a nasty storm broke the mooring line of a catamaran which was quickly battered and beaten against the rocky coast until it was but rubble and debris. Locals had cleaned some of it up but a majority of the larger pieces were still there along with plenty of small parts. To get to the wreck we first walked along the beach and then had to snorkel in some brutal currents. The plan was to have two groups, one group would focus on filing trash bags with smaller garbage and the other would gather large pieces too big for bags. Once the bags were full and large pieces we gathered we loaded the junk onto a small barge towed by Casey and her boat the Sea Fox. While she towed the wreck pieces, we headed back to the docks. At the docks, we unloaded the barge and moved the trash to the harbor’s dumpster. To celebrate our hard work we had a nice lunch in the marina. We had the afternoon off to relax or pack. I spent the afternoon, after packing and paying off tabs, sitting on the porch enjoying the island with an ice cold guava juice. At six o’clock we headed to dinner at mermaid seaside bar and restaurant. At the restaurant, we saw a plethora of massive tarpon and fed em our left over chicken.