Day 6 Blog


Today’s breakfast was one of the best we’ve had so far. Not only were we the cabin that served it, but Casey brought an extra surprise: donuts! It was the most delicious breakfast yet. For the last full day, we snorkeled from the marina to a rocky shore were a huge pile of debris from a ship had pilled up. We sorted the smaller pieces into trash bags, then put them, along with the larger pieces, onto a floating barge. It was difficult throwing some of the trash onto the platform while the waves pushed both it and me around, but after seeing how much better the shoreline looked afterward, I knew it was worth it. Afterward, we ate lunch and went shopping for souvenirs to bring back home. Then we drove back to Guava Berry for a long (and well earned) period of rest and relaxation before dinner. When it was finally time for dinner, we went to a cool restaurant called Mermaids that was built on a dock. The food their was some of the best we’ve had all week. After the meal, we watched a compilation video of the whole trip. So much had been put into it, that it actually had to be speed up so we finish on time. The video, mixed with some speeches from the adult leaders, and some thanks from the students (and a little strawberry ice cream), made the whole evening a satisfying end to an incredible week full of fun and learning. That night I was a little sad packing my stuff knowing I was leaving tomorrow, but I still had no trouble going to sleep.