Day 6 in the BVI


Day 6 in the British Virgin Islands came way too quickly. Today was our service project day. Still not feeling well, Chase, Ty, and I were assigned to clean up the water break that lead into the marina with Andrea. After about 2 and half hours of climbing around huge rocks and picking trash out from nooks and crannies, we had filled 6 trash bags worth of bottles, plastics, a boat cushion, and a used baby diaper that Andrea had picked up. We had lunch at the marina before going back to Guavaberry for the afternoon off. We allowed go back to our casas, the wifi room, or the beach. The decision was easy, the beach was where we were going to spend our last afternoon in paradise. We spent the rest of the day throwing the frisbee, soaking up the sun, and cooling off in the turquoise waters of Virgin Gorda. After we had fully exhausted ourselves we cleaned up and got dressed for our farewell dinner at Mermaids, which is a floating restaurant at the end of a dock. After dinner, Casey screened the movie she had made from videos and pictures of the week. We said our farewells to the dive staff and thanked them for incredible job they did this week: providing a truly unforgettable experience.