Last Day 


If anyone told me any other day that I would be waking up at 8am, I would have been moaning and groaning, but this morning, it felt glorious. Today was our last full day on the beautiful Virgin Gorda. Casey shook up our usually breakfast today and brought us huge delicious donuts. After we scarfed down our life sized donuts till our stomachs hurt, we got ready for a hard working morning. We were told we are heading to a beach where a catamaran had crashed a couple months ago and had all its debris and trash everywhere. Once we got there, I knew we had a lot of work. Once we filled up the barge as full it could go, we walked back to the marina. We unloaded the barge quickly because we knew lunch was next. We all put back on our shirts, struggling due to the fact we were all sunburnt. We had lunch at the same place we had on the first day I believe. We then we’re all told we could go shopping around the restaurant for souvenirs. I was all happy walking around the stores when suddenly I realized I had forgotten my water bottle at the restaurant. By the time I had gotten there, it was too late. Doc had that smirk on his face. All this time I have remembered my water bottle, and on the very last day I forget it. Therefore I will have to show of my dance moves tonight. After we got back Doc granted free time till dinner. Most of us went down to the beach to swim and throw the frisbee for the last time. After we all got more sunburnt and were dripping in sweat and salt water, we went back to our cabins to get showered and get ready for the big final dinner. The final dinner was at a place called mermaids that overlooked the beautiful BVIs. We had a wonderful buffet style dinner. After we finished dinner we watched an awesome video created by Casey that recounted the our trip. As the video ended we all give our goodbyes to the Jeff and Casey and the dive BVI staff who made this trip so great. We got back to our cabins and finished packing up. I had an amazing time on this trip. The RMS Rhone was my favorite dive site. Only less than 364 days till I’m back. Can’t wait.