Day 6


It is amazing that today was the very last day, this trip went by so fast. We started off today with eating some delicious and gigantic chocolate donuts. We then did a beach cleanup, which involved us picking up pieces of a catamaran that crashed a few months ago. It was very difficult to get to this spot. We had to take a taxi to the marina, walk for twenty minutes along the shore, and then snorkel from went another twenty minutes to where the debris was. Casey and Jeff brought a barge to put all our trash on. I had to constantly maneuver around very sharp and slippery rocks while cleaning up. The strong tide washing up against the shore didn’t make things any easier, I was always falling. We then finished and took the trash and debris back to the marina where we threw it all away. Afterwards we had a lot of freedom which I spent throwing the frisbee around at Guavaberry beach. For dinner, we went to Mermaids Restaurant, which had a very scenic view and a delicious Caribbean buffet. My favorite was the grilled tilapia. I especially enjoyed feeding the ginormous tarpon part of my meal. These fish were very aggressive when eating the food we threw at them. Casey then showed us a video that documented our entire week while we ate pie and ice cream. At exactly 7:55 Jeff showed us where the International Space Station was in the sky. It was moving very fast, and it kind of looked like a shooting star. Everyone then said thanks and we all said goodbye. I hope to come back on this trip next year.