H. Droese-  Final Day


The final full day in Virgin Gorda had started at bit later, precisely thirty minutes of extra sleep. After an amazing breakfast of massive donuts and juice, we headed toward the harbor in order to snorkel to the site of a previous shipwreck where the debris had been piled up on the shore. After getting to the area our job was to roam around and pickup small debris and trash from the shore and bag it up, later loading it onto a small barge. Along with small trash we were to load larger pieces of debris onto the barge for transport off of the shore. During the pickup we found varying items from inside the ship, pieces of the hull, and random other pieces of debris including cement pipes. Traversing around the wreckage was a real challenge because nobody was quite sure what was solid and what would break the instant you touched it. On several occasions I found my feet submerged in various amounts of torn apart wooden hull and cushion stuffing. After getting the barge reattached to dive BVI boat, it was towed back to the harbor where we would later unload the trash and move it for disposal. Making the choice to snorkel back instead of walk, I was able to see various animals such as a hawksbill turtle and three squid moving together. After finishing up at the harbor, we had lunch and returned to Guavaberry for multiple hours of free time until dinner. In that free time I got to visit the beach and saw multiple crabs burrowed near the shore and rocks. After showering and getting easy for dinner, we headed to Mermaids for an amazing buffet dinner and great video summarizing the events of the week with many humorous and heartfelt photos and videos. As an added benefit, we were able to watch and feed some massive tarpon along the water next to the restaurant. Saying goodbye to everyone on the Dive BVI staff, we headed back to Guavaberry to pack and get ready for the flight home. Waking up this morning, everyone got one last look of the beautiful silhouette of islands in the distance. Saying our final goodbyes, we make our final steps off the island and our first steps on the journey home.  
Personally I’d like to thank every member of the staff for making the week so easily enjoyable for all of us. I had an amazing experience in the BVI and can’t wait to come back next year. Thank you so much!