Day 6:


Today we woke up to a late start. We had donuts for breakfast and they were massive, almost the size of my head. Then we suited up and snorkeled to a part of the beach at which a ship had wrecked and we were to clean it up. It got beached and destroyed when it snapped away from its mooring ball and hit the shore in hurricane winds. Casey and Jeff brought in a small floating piece of dock and we filled it with the trash. Once unloading it, we went to lunch and had a good time. The rest of the afternoon was spent for free time. We mostly hung out at the beach and played frisbee. I saw one last flounder and a crab pinched Henry’s finger. Then we all got dressed up and went to Mermaids for our farewell dinner. We had a Caribbean buffet and fed the massive tarpon with the leftover food. We then watched a video of the week and said our farewells to the staff before we see them again next year. I would like to thank everyone that made this trip possible, Casey, Jeff, And the entire staff, including Beth, the fearless leader of the Jelly Spotters.