Final day jack barker


On our final day on virgin Gorda, we got to sleep in and extra 30 minutes, thank god. Then we headed to the cabin at the top of the hill for a breakfast of doughnuts the size of my head. They were probably the best I’ve ever had. Then for our last activity since we cannot dive, we went and did a beach cleanup at a site where a catamaran had crashed during one of the BVI’s most recent hurricane. To get there we got do about a 15 minute snorkel where we saw a hawksbill turtle and 3 squid. On the beach the boat had crashed into three piles and we hauled of most onto our barge and back to the dumpster. When cleaning up I could a fully intact pot. After the cleanup we headed back to the marina for our last lunch. After I was able shop in the Dive BVI shop and get things for everyone in my family. Then we returned to guava-berry where we 4 hours of free time before dinner. I spent my time throwing the frisbee on the beach. If dropped the frisbee, doc made you swim out to the rock and back, it was a football field away. Finally we went to mermaids for our last dinner. After the buffet Casey showed us the video she had put together from the week. It was pretty cool and entertaining. I would like to thank all the Dive BVI staff for the awesome two weeks I have been to spend in the BVI.