Day 6


Today was our final day at the BVI. Today we did our service project and had a free day in the afternoon. For our service project we cleaned up a catamaran that had lost its moorings and wreaked into the rocks. We loaded the debris onto a barge. After we cleaned a major portion of the debris we snorkeld back to the beach we left from. On the way back I saw two very large lobsters under a rock. After we ate lunch we were given the day off. On the day off I went to the beach and swam and threw the frisbee. Later we got cleaned up and went to dinner. For dinner we had a buffet. There was ribs, wahoo and tilapia filets, and chicken. Looking down into the water you could see large amounts of these huge tarpon. After dinner we watched this wonderful video that Casey put together about our trip. Later on we said our goodbyes to the dive staff and went back to the houses. Overall today was a very relaxing and calm day. I had a lot of fun on this trip and found this to be a very fun and worthwhile experience.