BVI Year Two, Day Five


Day five was radical. After a nice breakfast prepared by none other than Doc, we headed of to a coral nursery for upkeep duties. A coral nursery is a place where coral is grown safely in the BVI they use coral trees, PVC pipe structure that have small lines used to hold coral fragments that then grow rapidly due to their ease of access to sunlight and nutrient rich currents. The way we helped the nursery was by cleaning the trees, wiping of excess algae growing on the pipes and coral. The second dive was for our project but since we finished ours last night our group did a dive for fun at the Chimney, a famous BVI dive site with awesome rock formations, small cave and common nurse shark sightings. While we saw no nurse sharks we did see some arrow crabs, long legged crustaceans with small arrow shaped bodies, and were able to pick em up. After the dive we had lunch in the boat as we headed to Savannah Bay. At Savannah Bay there was a salt pond we were going to see; however, the salt pond was dry and quite uneventful, but we did learn quite a lot about it. For example, rare birds frequent and rely upon the salt ponds like Flamingos, which occasionally try to live at Savannah Bay’s salt pond. Salt ponds are also used to gather salt for culinary purposes, once the water dries up people scrape up the salt left behind. Once we got back to guava berry we had some downtime to get ready for project presentations and ours went great. We started of with a joke in good taste about plankton and it only got better from there. After presentations we ate dinner on the beach, played some frisbee and watched a stellar dance routine