Day 4 in BVI


I thought yesterday was going to be the best of the trip but Doc, Mr. Kirby and the whole Dive BVI managed to outdo themselves. After breakfast and a trip to the marina, the Marine Bio 1 and Marine Bio 2 teams split up at the marina. As a Marine Bio 2 student, I boarded Sea Dragon with Gaz, Becca, Jeff, and Doc and set sail for Necker Island. Necker Island is the private island of Sir Richard Branson himself, and he decided to put a zoo on it because he can. We were the first Jesuit Marine Biology group to ever visit the island, but Doc and Mr. Kirby have been trying for several years. We arrived on the island and were immediately greeted by one of the groundskeepers and a few iguanas who were lounging in the sun. The groundskeeper took us around to all the cages filled with exotic animals. I noticed Sir Richard Branson really likes lemurs because he had a ton of them on the island. At one point we were allowed to go into one of the cages to pet the lemurs, who were extremely friendly. After leaving Necker we took a short boat ride over to Saba Rock. Jeff told us that Saba Rock was his favorite place of the BVIs and I can really see why. This island was about an acre and half of land and was composed of a restaurant, 5 hotel rooms, a gift shop, and a relatively large patch of green grass, which is a rare thing on these islands. The lunch we had somehow managed to beat out Cooper Island fish and chips for number 1 meal of the trip. We all had Mahi Mahi fish tacos that were absolutely delicious. After lunch we all lounged around on the grass and watched the waves role in while Jeff told us all his highly anticipated 10 life rules. After lunch we took a water taxi back to the virgin Gorda where we met up with Glenn for a ride back to the marina to rendezvous with Marine Bio 2. We ended the day with dinner on the beach and a little frisbee. By far my favorite day ever in the BVIs, last year included.