Day Four on the Island 


Another tiring wake up today, but excitement trumped the sleepiness with the Marine 2 visiting Necker Island. Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group which is comprised of 400 companies, owns Necker Island. The Island contains various lemurs from Madagascar, as well as flamingos, tortoises, and Scarlet Ibis. It is $60,000 a night to rent the island, but comes with full amenities, maid service, personal chef, zoo, tennis courts, and complete luxury. On the island, we were able to go in and interact with the lemurs. Next, we went to Saba Rock, the coolest dive bar I have ever been to. We had Mahi Mahi fish tacos, which became my favorite meal of this trip. We then learned the about life lessons all men should know. The number one lesson is honesty, because honesty makes a man. It will lead to to your best experiences and gain you the most respect. After the life changing, peaceful experience at Saba Rock, we came back to Guavaberry for some down time. Then it was dinner on the beach, burgers and chips with cupcakes. Later that night we did our second project night snorkel. Finally we had a successful night catching plankton. We made all the calculations and timed everything we needed, making our project finished.