Day 5 – Michael Huber


Breakfast was supposed to be hosted by my cabin this morning, key word “supposed”. Two of the 3 of my cabin-mates had gotten sick the night before, leaving Doc and Mr. Von with the decision to move breakfast from our cabin to theirs to prevent anybody else from getting sick. In the end, both got well and nobody else got sick. Today left me a little sad, knowing it was my last day to go diving. The first dive was spent cleaning the coral nursery that the Jesuit classes before us had put there. It was interesting to see the Staghorn coral growing in a controlled environment. After this long, 72 minute, dive, we had a surface interval before we would get back into the water to explore a “chimney”. It was basically a slim crack in the middle of a massive rock in the water. When approaching it I was worried it would be too small for my body and equipment to fit through, but I slid right through with no problems. When we returned to the dock I made the mistake of leaving my rash guard on the boat, earning me a spot in tonight’s dance off between the guys who also left stuff behind. We had a delicious dinner of pizza and cupcakes on the beach before Matt Anderson had to imitate a mother turtle giving birth to her babies on the beach as his punishment for losing a dive pad. It was impressive to see how in depth he was to it, crawling out of the water onto the sand and digging a hole, it was hilarious. Then came the dance off. That’s where I learned that my dance moves were very, very below average. But it was okay because I embraced my bad dancing. After my final dive of this trip, it truly has been amazing to see all the coral and fish of the Caribbean Sea.