Day 5 – Cole Morin


Today was our last day that we got in the water to dive. It started with team Sea Dragon going to the coral nursery to clean the coral trees. We were supposed to go and clean off the algae and gunk that had collected on the trees in the past week. The trees had five branches and held ten pieces of coral on each branch. The coral that the Dive BVI team had put on the trees was rescued by dive wrecks and accidents. We got to learn how even though coral may look dead on the ocean floor, it can still be saved if it is given a fighting chance. After we were told our buoyancy skills were top notch, we went to dive the famous chimney. The chimney was particularly interesting because of how tight the opening to get through it was. We finished at the dive site and went to have lunch in Savannah Bay. While we were there we had another diving contest, but this time it was flips and I won again. We then decided to free swim to shore where we walked to the dried salt pond. Unfortunately there has been a drought on Virgin Gorda for the past couple years, and the pond was all dried up. There are usually flamingos and small fishes and crustaceans that called it home, but since there is no water, the flamingos had to find food elsewhere and the fish and crustaceans died off. We had a contest to see which boat could swim from the shore back to the boat the fastest. The Sea Dragon had almost everyone onboard free swimming and everyone on the Sea Money with fins and snorkel. The sea dragon pulled off an underdog win even though we had a thirty second head start. We split off into our project groups to prepare for the long awaited presentation. After getting through our presentation, we went to the beach to end the day with some pizza and some festive dancing.