Day 5 jack barker


Today we went out in the morning to do our final project dives and clean the coral nurseries in our mpa. The first dive we went out to west dog island to perform our second test on complex and simple reefs. When we diving we saw a ray, adult spotted drum and two juvenile spotted drums. The was also a very cool trumpet fish hiding in the corals. The second dive we went to the coral nursery to don another test where we got the best results so far. We saw 1 species in the simple, and only one of our density fish whereas in the complex we found 19 different species and 3 parrotfish,1 fairly basslet, and 2 blue tang. Also why we were at the coral nursery, we saw a sea slug and some type of juvenile flounder floating across the water. The coral nurseries where doing great, but the algea growth on them is crazy, in one week the trees become complete covered in algae. Then we sailed back to Gorda where we visited a dryer up salt pond. The salt pond is where many crabs and crustaceans will go for food because there bottom feeders. Then that attracts a lot of birds because the py want to feed on the crabs. Some people also own salt ponds so when the do dry up the collect the crystallized salt and sell it. Finally when we got back we presented our projects and were brutally scrutinized by the entire Dive BVI staff.