Schonberg Day 5: 


Today our first dive was at West Dog Island. We did our expiriment very smoothly and saw an insanely odd fish called a white spotted drum. We also got good results on our experiment and proved our hypothesis. We saw several fairy basslet and a lot of Sargent majors. The next dive we went to a. Oral nursery and conducted our expiriment on 2 starkly different environments. We found results that proved our expiriment and then went  and cleaned the coral nursery. They were growing stag horn coral using wire and pbc pipe. We also saw a see slug and a quarter sized black flounder right next to the nursery. For lunch we ate  sandwiches and then we headed over to a dried up salt pond where we were offered termites and salt crystals. Ghost crabs, ducks, herons and the occasional flamingo all use theses as homes. We then went home and and presented our findings to the dive staff and the instructors. After wards we went to the beach to see people pretend to lay sea turtle eggs.