Day 3 in the BVI


Day 3 here in the BVI began with breakfast at one of our cabins and then a taxi down to the marina. Today was the day of the Rhone dive and then lunch on Cooper Island; I had been waiting a year to come back for this day. The Rhone dive was the by far the most interesting and most fun dive of the trip and the lunch after was unforgettable. We arrived to the first dive site but I decided to just snorkel because my congestion would not allow for my ears to equalize. So instead of diving, me, chase, and Casey snorkeled around the bow of the Rhone and around some of the rocks that the ship ran aground on. After the snorkel we moved the boat to an area with less rough seas for the surface interval. During the surface interval Gaz told the story of the Rhone and how it ended up at the bottom of the ocean. He also noted that this was the second ship to be deemed unsinkable by the English, the first being the Titanic. After the surface interval, I decided to participate in the second dive because it was much more shallow, and there was more to see. During the second dive we looked at several notable parts of the ship including a lucky port hole, some silver spoons, floor tiles, and a bottle of Champagne. After the dive we headed over to Cooper Island for the best meal of the trip, fish and chips. These are no ordinary fish and chips. These fish and chips are made with freshly caught Mahi Mahi and are encrusted in the most buttery and flaky crust known to man, words cannot describe how delicious this meal is. After the snorkel we all relaxed in Cooper Island and enjoyed some of the gelato before hopping back in the water for a snorkel around the Bay Area. We finally returned back to Virgin Gorda for a little time to relax before dinner and a night snorkel. During the night snorkel, my group and I had to perform our big group project, including capturing bioluminescent plankton, which is just as difficult as it sounds.