Day Four BVI 2015


Today was by far the best day so far and it was really cool! This trip is really amazing. First we woke up and had breakfast and the marine one guys went to do turtle tagging but unfortunately they didn’t catch anything. The rest of us went to Necker Island and it was like a zoo. It was also the private house of Sir Richard Branson, some famous guy I’ve never heard about to be honest. But the island was amazing! Wh had a tour guide named Mr. Vaman Ramlao. I have a lot of footage of lemurs looking at us and jumping around. There were also scarlett ibis, white head ducks, and giant tortes. I mean, I cannot spell out or describe what we saw, the footage barley does a justice. After we spent time with all those guys we made our way up to the fancy parts. We went to a little cottage on the beach of the island that was mind blowing. There was the beach with trees and chairs and a trampoline build in the ground. Then there was the cottage itself with a huge tv, a bar, tables and couches and game tables. There also were tennis and basketball courts. Continuing up, we got to another cottage type place on the top and this was amazing because of the 360 view of the island and there was another lounge looking place with big couches and a huge tv and wrapping around that was a pool with a bridge over it. Across from that there was another bar/ kitchen. Apparently this is where a group of famous people would meet, such as Nelson Mandela. This was during something called “meeting of the elders” or something like that. Hiking down we went to another beach and we say more than a hundred flamingos in the distance just waking around the little pond. This was way cooler than the flamingos at the Dallas Aquarium. The beach also had chairs and a bon fire pit that was all put up so that it was a sphere. The sphere had interesting carvings of people and things and some of them I couldn’t make out. After that, we left and went to Saba Rock Resort on another island for lunch and that was really awesome too. It was pretty and I have more pictures of that. The fish tacos there were so good and the view of the water was spectacular! We watched some wind surfers go by and watched some fall as we were eating. After that we had some down time and we walked around the side and there was a lunge area with tables with shade, hammocks held up and shaded by trees and there was a shaded place with bed like seats. Jeff and I sat down and looked out on the water. After a while, we all sat around one table and Jeff shared his much desired life lessons 1-10. This was very nice and meaningful and I would love to write about them but they would take a couple chapters out of a book to wrote down. That was a very meaningful part of the day for me and I thought it was nice of Jeff to share advice and life wisdom with us. After that em hung around some more before catching a boat back to Virgin Gorda. In that time we sat in front if the restaurant and they had a little tank with fish in it that people would contribute to whenever they caught a fish. It was interesting. There was a huge eel, three lion fish and a one eyed Jack. It actually lost its eye somehow. There were more fish in there as well. Additionally, there was a little canon and a big anchor from the Rhone that were in the tank. Glenn picked us up shortly after and we got the marine one guys and now we have some down time before Jeff cooks us up some hamburgers! Great day!