Day 4


Today was the fourth day of our trip. Today we did our invertebrate studies and turtle tagging. In the morning we did our invertebrate studies at Savannah Bay Beach. We snorkeld in the shallow reef there. The invertebrates we found was a arrowhead yellow stripe crab, rock boring urchin, west indie urchin, a Peterson cleaner shrimp, a bearded fire worm and a lettuce sea slug. After lunch we did our turtle tagging. For this we got water ski handles and drug us behind the boat in our snorkel gear and if we saw a turtle we were supposed to tell the boat and keep eyes on the turtle then go and grab it. We saw two turtles right before we started towing but it was too deep to grab them. While I was being towed I saw a little green sea turtle, however it disappeared when we got off to go grab it. Later after a while we stopped and went to a snorkeling area where we snorkeld for the turtles. Five minutes into that Clay and I saw a large hawksbill. Clay and I chased the turtle for about a mile. We learned that turtles are deceptively fast, really fast. After that we had about 3 hours of free time, then we ate a dinner of burgers cooked by Jeff. Overall today was a very fun day, however I wish I could’ve caught a turtle.