Day Three BVI 2015


Today we started off with two dives again. That was a lot of fun and no ear problems so that’s good. Our first dove was a familiar site that we had visited last year called the Rhone. The Rhone is a ship wreck off the coast of an island and it happened roughly 150 years ago. The Rhone was supposedly known as the “unsinkable ship” but we know how that usually turns out. The ship was with its sister and they were anchored on the island and a hurricane came unexpectedly. The crew and the passengers braved the first part of the storm and then they hit the eye of the hurricane. They realized that they were still in trouble and that they needed to get out of there soon. As they unhooked they turned the engine on high and it was getting really hot. The hurricane threw the ship up against rocks and it cracked right in the middle. Once the cold water hit the hot engine then boom. The ship exploded and sank. I have some great pictures and videos of this dive. We were about 80 feet down and we were swimming above, around, and inside of a blown up ship. Just as I remember it last year the ship was very recognizable as a ship and we saw the propellor and it was huge. We swam in the ship and in the very nice camera Casey got us I filmed the trip under. On that dove we saw some cool fish and the biggest eagle ray I have ever seen, uk the wing span could have easily been six feet, maybe even greater! I got a good video if that and of the guys swimming around. Jeff was nice and offered to take a picture of me underwater. I also got to rub one of the windows of the ship that is called “lucky 26”. On the second dive we swam with sharks. The water was rocky on the way and after we briefed the dive, Jeff told us to get our stuff on and ready so that once we get there then we waste no time getting sea sick. Once there we dove in and sank and swum around. We kneeled on the ground and waited for some to show up. I turn around and see a shark about 10 feet away from me and I freeze. It was about 4 1/2 feet and most of the ones we saw were 3-5 feet. I wasn’t scared more than I was fascinated. Jeff told us that we need to be very still and calm for the sharks to come to us because we were now in their territory. We needed to be respectful like we were visiting someone’s home, because we were. We saw a lot of sharks and I’ve got some of them on the camera Casey gave me. After that we had lunch and it was fish and chips. We had some gelato also and that was good. After that we had time to snorkel off Cooper island and I lost Adam so I swam around with Mr. Von. That was a lot if fun and we saw some pretty cool stuff. We kept finding ourselves surrounded by a school of small fish. After we snorkeled we had some down time and finally we had dinner on the beach. After dinner, we had a night snorkel which was pretty cool. While Adam and I were swimming we saw the biggest lobster I have ever seen. The lobster must have been 4 feet long! We also saw a octopus that changed color trying to camofluage itself. Now we are in the house resting for out big adventure with the lemurs tomorrow! Jeff told us we have a good day head.