Day 4 jack barker


Today we did not do any dives. In the morning jeff took all of us marine bio 2 students to Richard Branson’s private island Neckar Island. There he has a zoology program with lemurs and turtles. While on the tour of the island our guide showed several different types of lemur. He says he loves working with them because they very sociable animals. One o the ring tailed lemurs we saw had baby with a tail twice the size of its body. We got to go in the cage with one species of lemur that looked exactly like zaboomafoo. Ones name was Quinn and loved to be scratched on his neck and hold hands. He also loved to lick the sweat of your hands. Then we saw these 600 pound tortoises that followed us around the island. Richard Branson’s island was probably one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. Apparently he has a charity tennis tournament every year that costs 100000 dollars to enter. Nadal and federer have both played. Then for lunch we went Saba rock for lunch where we had amazing fish tacos and leaned 1-10 of Jeff’s life lessons. Then we went back to the dive BVI were we met the sad marine 1 students, because they didn’t catch any turtles.