Day 3


So far Day 3 has been the most exciting day for me. We started off the day by going to the RMS Rhone, a ship that sunk in 1867. The story behind this ship sinking is really interesting. The RMS Rhone, unlike many of England’s ships, was steamship and was one of the best in the royal fleet. While by the BVIs it met up with another ship called the Conway, in order for passengers on the Conway to look come on board the RMS Rhone and see how cool the gigantic ship looked. All of a sudden, Captain Wolley, the captain of the RMS Rhone spotted a hurricane approaching even though it was October 29, the last day of hurricane season. The hurricane was very unexpected, and the Conway and RMS Rhone has to split ways. The Conway was able to make it to Tortola where it was undamaged, but the RMS Rhone got caught in the eye of the hurricane. In order to prevent the passengers from coming on the deck and getting in the way of the crew, first class passengers were locked in their cabin, whereas second class passengers were tied to their bunks. Captain Wolley decide to get away from the rocks of the BVIs and head for the Atlantic. After 2 hours of the ship moving, the captain had thought they were far away from the BVIs in the middle of the Atlantic. But then, all of a sudden, the crew yelled that they were approaching land. Captain Wolley could not believe it, so when he came out to look, the boat crashed into the island and Captain Wolley was thrown overboard. As it turns out, the winds were so strong that the RMS Rhone barley even moved and was still in the BVIs. The crew were able to survive but all the passengers died except for passenger #27 who knew how to swim because he was from Italy. While diving through the wreck, it is very lucky to rub the port hole #27 for good luck. I saw my first flounder, 3 big lobster, and a gigantic spotted eagle ray. On the second dive we went to Ginger Reef where I saw two Caribbean reef shark. The Sharks come very close to divers because, a few years ago they would be fed lionfish by divers. This was unhealthy since the Sharks started relying more on food from the divers then getting food on their own. It was fascinating to see the Sharks almost glide around you with their pectoral fins. We then went to dinner on the beach which was followed by a night snorkel. During the night snorkel I saw an octopus, which is in the phylum Mollusca. It was fascinating to see the octopus constantly changing its color when moving across the sand in order to become more camouflaged.