Day 4:


Day 4: Today, we split from the marine 2 students and went to Savannah beach while they enjoyed special time at Neckar Island, where we will go next year. We first collected invertebrates like, Cabbage Worms, Fire Worms, Sea Urchins, and Crabs. We got to play with them in a touch tank that we set up. We then released them into the ocean that was covered with fire coral. We then had lunch of PB and Jelly and Burts Brits. After that, we got in glens taxi and went back to the Dive BVI offices to be briefed for our Turtle tagging. We then got on the Sea Dragon, which isn’t as good as the Sea Monkey, and set out for the turtles. Tour method was to have 5 lines behind the boat and have five people dragging so when we saw a turtle, we would let go and raise our hands to denote a turtle so that the group could circle back. The first time we saw a turtle we lost it, the second time I spotted a Hawkbill turtle and as soon as I dropped, it darted. And in the end, no one caught a turtle so we didn’t get to tag them. After, we headed back to the cabin for down time.