Day 4 – Cole Morin


Today was an interesting day that started off with sleeping in an extra twenty minutes. Then we got to leave the marine biology 2 students at the marina for their trip to Richard Branson’s island, which meant we had the taxi to ourselves, which was a pleasant surprise. We made our way around the island to Savanah Bay where we went snorkeling to find invertebrates. While we were snorkeling I found that the reef only seems further away than it really is. We pulled up four sea urchins, a crab, two slugs, and a fireworm. The fireworm was the most interesting that was pulled out of the water because when you poke its body, it shoots out little tiny white needles. If you put your finger into the water that the fireworm had just spit out the needles in and one of the needles goes in your hand, you would get a very itchy sensation on that finger. After we got tiered of learning about some of the invertebrates that we in the shallow reefs no more than ten feet deep. We hopped back in the taxi and headed down to the Dive BVI office where we got a little presentation about what turtle species are still around and which species are located in the BVI’s. We then headed out to try and find some turtles that we could tag and possibly give a name to. To spot the turtles, there had to be five guys in the water being pulled by water skiing lines snorkeling, and the other guys on the boat looking for turtles breaching the surface for air. Being pulled behind the ski lines was one of the hardest workouts that I have done in the last couple months. When the captain told us we were only going two mph, it felt like we were flying at about twenty mph.