Day 3 – jack barker


In the morning today we went out to do two dives. The first was the wreck of the Rhone. In 1800s it was sailing through the BVI and one of the biggest hurricanes in BVI history swept in. When the hurricanes blew in captain wolly tried move the boat out farther in to see, when one of the crew said he saw land, when he looked out to see if there was land and he crashed into a rock and fell overboard. In the wreck, all the crew survived and 1 passenger an Italian man who was the only one that could swim. Now there is a luck port hole 27, if rub it three times clockwise you can wish Italian cars, meals, or Italian women. Around the Rhone we saw a stingray, when going bow of the boat, then we went to the stern where the port was. Then on the second dive went to ginger steps where I was 3 4 foot long sharks, and small peacock flounder gliding across the water. Then for lunch we went cooper island to get the amazing fish and chips. After lunch we did a snorkel around cooper island as well. On the snorkel we saw a large green turtle and tarpon. Then after dinner on the beach, we went on a night snorkel. I saw group of baby squid swimming together. They were pretty fast I couldn’t keep up to show anyone, but they were still cool. I also saw an octopus that tried to camouflage to hide from us.