Day 3


On the third day of our trip we went to the R.M.S Rhone as the first dive. The Rhone was a streamliner from th late 1800s. This was a very large ship for the time measuring 300 feet in length. The Rhone was deemed unsinkable, however this did not hold to be true. When they were sailing away from the conway they noticed the barometric pressure dropping severely. This was not expected due to that it was the end of hurricane season. The second worst storm in the history of the BVI came through and dispite their efforts only one passenger and the crew except the captain survived. The engine exploded splitting the ship into three different parts. On our dive we went to see the bow section first. At the bow we saw these huge fan corals and swam into the ship through the middle. On my way out I saw a very large snapper that was feeding on the smaller fish. To the left of where we were swimming through there was a massive schools of little fish. Then we went to the stern section and went through the side. I saw another large snapper. Then. Jeff showed us the propeller to the ship which was 15 feet long. On our way back to the boat we saw a massive lobster. For our next dive we went to Ginger Steps which is know for its abundance of sharks. We got in the water an went across the reef to the sand and sat down and waited for the sharks. We ended up seeing 2 black tip reef sharks. The then drive to Copper Island and had fish and chips for lunch. After lunch we snorkeld at Copper Island. On the snorkel I had an amazing time. I found a green sea turtle feeding on the sea grass, an octopus, trunkfish, pufferfish, about 4 large tarpon, and around 5 great barracuda. After that we went back to the casas and later had dinner on the beach. After dinner we did our night snorkel. The snorkel was a great experience I got to see many things that just aren’t around in the day time. I got to see a group of 8 squid, an octopus, a parrot fish with the mucus membrane, and a little bit of bioluminescence. Overall today was a wonderful day I got to see many cool and new things and had a great time as well.