Schonberg Day 3:


Today we began the day by diving on a wreck that sank in the 1800’s. The RMS Rhone was being driven through the BVI when all of a sudden the barometric pressure dropped. The captain new a storm was coming so he ordered all of the passengers to go to there rooms and told the crew to lock first class passengers in there rooms while he second and third class citizens were strapped to their beds. The ship made it safely through the storm but then the crew realized it was a hurricane and that there would be a second part of the storm so captain Wolly planned to set course for the middle of the ocean and ride the hurricane out. Hours later Captain Wolly hears “Land Port!” From one of his crew. Wolly believes this is impossible because he’s been headed toward the middle of nowhere so he goes out and checks for land, just as he does this they hit a boulder and Wolly went flying. The ship immediately sank and only one man and all the crew survived. When we dove on it we swam through the boat and saw a stingray and a barracuda. We got to the boat and then headed to a dive sight named ginger steps. Once we got the the bottom we were greeted by a stingray, 2 sharks, many parrot fish as well as fairy basslets. We headed over to cooper island and ate fish and chips for lunch and then snorkeled on sea grass. We saw a turtle, several tarpon and an anemone. After we ate dinner later that day we went in a night snorkel and saw giant lobsters and a couple octopi.