Day 4: Sea turtle chase 


Today we got to sleep in a bit but it was also our cabins day to prepare breakfast. After Name cooked us some pancakes to tide us over, we got all set up for breakfast. After everyone had their cereal and drank their Whispers Of Summer juice we got on the taxi were Marine 1 headed to Savannah beach to start our day. We were told by Casey that we would be looking for collecting things of the reef such as sea urchins, sea slugs, shrimp, etc. Once both groups had collected their findings and we put them in a bin filled with water. We then had to identify each thing we collected. They coolest thing we collected was either the arrow crabs or fire worm which can pack a pretty powerful sting. When we completely identified each animal and learned about their habitat and food diet we had some sandwiches. Then we got on the taxi and headed to the marina. Once we got their were taught a lesson on sea turtle tagging which would be our next activity. We then got on the boat and were told how to properly catch a sea turtle. We were dragged behind the boat hanging on to a wakeboard rope looking in the water for sea turtles. It was really fun except for the part where we had to dodge jellyfish in order to not get stung. Despite our efforts, we were all stung plenty of times. After many attempts of trying to catch the elusive sea turtles, our efforts were unsuccessful. We than anchored at a bay to see if we could swim around and get one but once again, we were unsuccessful. This might have been on of the most tiring days, but was fun as always. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow.