Day 3 – Cole Morin


Day 3 began like the previous day’s with breakfast at 7:30 and Glen picking us up in the taxi at 8:20 to take us to the marina. We headed out on the boat ride to salt island to dive the wreck of the RMS Rhone. The Rhone had been a luxury ship and typically held people who were very wealthy. The people started to called the ship unsinkable, just like the Titanic and everyone knows how that turned out. Well just like the Titanic, the Rhone now sits at the bottom of the ocean. It was run blindly run ashore during the second worst hurricane the BVI’s have ever seen. Captain Willy thought that he had made it out to open ocean since he had been sailing for four straight hours until one of his crew members yelled landhoe port side. In captain Willy’s astonishment he ran outside to see for himself, but was washed overboard by the next wave and was never seen again. The ship was split into two pieces after an explosion in the boiler. There was only one surviving passenger who was believed to be shot to land during the explosion and all the crew survived because they latched onto anything they could find drifting among the other 400 ships that had wrecked during the storm. We then made our way over to Cooper island where we had the best fish and chips and homemade gelato. We finished lunch and went snorkeling along the coast of Cooper island. Michael Huber and myself found our way down the shoreline running into many bait balls and some squid. On our way back to the boat, I thought about looking down one last time, and out of the darkness of the ocean near the seafloor was a massive tarpon. We then had a spur of the moment diving contest. Ty and myself made the Morin family name proud by winning both rounds of the contest with graceful swan dives. After that we came in for some bbq dinner and some dancing. I had been waiting two nights for my opportunity to do the Macarena in front of anyone who wanted to see me dance. The night snorkel was one of the most interesting, and terrifying things that I have done. The interesting part was being able to see how alive the ocean becomes at night, and how scared of a little flashlight shining near them is. The only creepy part about the snorkel was not being able to see out into the distance further than 30 feet. Out of all the days that I have been here I would mark today as one of the most fun and enjoyable days I have had.