Day 7 – Unfinished Business 


My final day in Virgin Gorda was a tough one. Knowing that I had to leave behind Dive BVI as well as Casey and Jeff was utterly heartbreaking, only because I am not certain when I will be returning to see them again. Before I discuss the rest of my day, I’d like to personally thank Casey, Jeff, Beth, and all of the Dive BVI staff that mad my week amazing. They set down everything to help our class have a fantastic time, asking for only our devotion and undivided attention. This trip would not have been the same with any other group of Dive Instructors and I am blessed that you all were chosen for the Jesuit trip. Finally, I’d like to thank my parents for giving me an opportunity to immerse myself in this trip once more. Without you, I would not have any of these experiences, and I thank you both for the unrelenting support. Sorry for the tangent, back to the last day. We woke up a little later than usual because we had been allowed to sleep in and also promised donuts. After donuts, we headed for the opposite side of the island for our beach clean up. It may have not smelled like sunshine, but you quickly became used to it, and it was a great experience. Just as the cleaning began, glen explained to me that all of this excess seaweed was the main cause because it catches all of the baby fish and allows them no escape. This experience was also more meaningful due to our location. We were next to someone’s home and personal business, how would anyone feel if their home smelled like that 24 hours a day for 6 months? Not great. After the cleanup, we returned back to guava berry to finish packing and have a free afternoon. Some kids spent their time in the wifi, while others like me embraced the afternoon and understood it was the last in the BVI for an undetermined amount of time. After a great afternoon of beach lounging, we then had to return to our houses and shower for our buffet dinner. We ate a wonderful meal, watched the fantastic video that Casey and Andrea made, and finally some people stood up for some final words. After dinner, we all then returned to our guava berry only looking forward to a day of flying. Even though this is my last year in the Marine Biology Program, I hope to someday come back and see all of the staff again. Once again a special thanks to Casey and Jeff for everything that they have done for the program and I in the past 2 years. Thank you!