BVI Day Two 2015


Today was another good day. We started the day off with two dives and and the first one was pretty cool because we went to wreck alley and there were a lot of purposefully sunken ships and they had become artificial reefs and they had a fair amount of algae and fish around. One of the ships was flipped upside down while it sank so the underside was completely empty so we got to swim undress the upside down ship and that was really cool. I was swimming with a little group of fish and while I was under the ship I checked my depth gauge and we reached just under 100 feet. That is the deepest dive I have taken in my life and it was really fascinating to be that deep and see something familiar like a boat in a fairly unfamiliar place like 100 feet underwater. The second dove we did was our project dive and that was pretty difficult. We thought we had everything planned out and that it was going to be fairly simple but when we got in the water, setting things up was a challenge because the current kept pushing us backward and further away from out measuring point and also we could not check up with each other because there was no communication such as talking. To get each other’s attention we had to either swim up to the guy and tap his shoulder or we brought a little hook that we would clang on the back of our tank to get everyone’s attention. After that we had lunch on the beach and then played some beach games which were fun but I ,personally, was not very good at. Finally, we packed up there and got ourselves cleaned up for dinner and mass. We went to the nice church at the top of the hill and had a nice service. The one big take away I got from the service was generosity. The priest said that generosity is not just giving things away. He said generosity is kindness and giving of one’s self. I found that very intriguing and then after we got back in the truck with our driver, Glenn, and headed to dinner. We went to the restaurant “Top of the Baths” and I had a nice chicken with a side of rice and a small salad. To finish it off I had some vanilla ice cream with some chocolate on the top. Casey then surprised us with vey nice underwater cameras that we can keep and use in our projects and then take home. Then we sat and watched the coolest little show. Some fire dancers came out and, in the restaurant, they danced for us with sticks that were on fire and then chains with the balls on the end on fire and they were swinging them around with ease and they obviously practice a lot and they were fascinating to watch because it completely dark and we could see the fire and it made the people’s shadows dance with them. Lastly, Jeff cleared up some points that we need to ponder about our project and so that’s what we are doing tonight after the blog. Always improving!