Day 2


On day two of our trip, we had an amazing day of diving/snorkeling and playing the beach games. Our first dive site was at ginger steps, where the current travels through the reef creating a sand channel that attracts several pelagic fish such as sharks and eagle rays. As soon as I jumped in the water and looked down I spotted a Caribbean reef shark, it was awesome. I can now say I’ve swam with sharks, even though they were only 3-4 feet long. On my snorkel, I also saw a massive hogfish lurking on the ocean floor. Next, we moved to the other side of ginger island called ginger backside. At ginger backside, I snorkeled along the shore exploring the reef and I encountered a huge silver barracuda that flashed it’s razor sharp teeth at me. After this we headed back to guavaberry for lunch on the beach, but more importantly the beach games. The beach games was a series of competitions between the cabins. My cabin, jasmine, took home the ship winning three of four events which included water balloon dodgeball, blind swimming, sand pictionary, and a relay race. After a day in the sun, we cleaned up, went to mass, and enjoyed a delicious meal at the Top of the Baths restaurant.