Day 2


On the second day of the trip we went to Wreak Ally. In Wreak Ally there are four artificially placed ship wreaks. We only went to two of them the Beata and Island Seal. The Island Seal was accidentally placed upside down. The deepest at Wreak Ally was about 90 feet. At the beginning of the dive we dove down on top of the reef then swam down to the wreak. Where the reef met the sand I saw one very large tarpon. We then went and swam around the Beata once. Then we went over and swam under the Island Seal. For our second dive we went to Cistern Reef. We used this as our project dive. This reef was very beautiful with an abundance of different corals and fish. I saw large schools of blue chromis, many individual blue tangs grazing, and a large grouper. I counted the number of schooling and grouped blue tang, I found no groups. On my way back to the boat I saw 3 large tarpon. After the dive we drove back to the dock, from there we took our taxi to the houses, from the houses we drove to the beach. At the beach we sawm and threw the frisbee. Later we played games, my team was the squid squad. We played water ballon dodgeball, pictionare, night snorkel, and a relay race, my team finished second to last. Then we went to dinner at the Top of the Baths. I ate the Mahi Mahi. After dinner we watched fire dancers perform, then we met with Jeff, Mr. Von, and Casey about our project. We decided to make a few major changes. Overall today was a great experience and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.