Day Two on the Island..


Today I woke up tired, sunburnt, and hungry. A cold shower soothed my sunburn, a box of cereal quenched my appetite, and I was permanently tired throughout the day. It was a short ride to the marina where the boats were ready to set out. Sea Dragon, the boat I am on, went to Ginger Steps. Ginger Steps are known for the stair like sea floor, as well as the abundance of Caribbean Reef Sharks. For the second dive, the boat traveled to Ginger Backside for team projects. However, my group, comprised of Chase Ryan, John Wengierski, and Michael Huber, have a project that can only take place at night. So the second dive was just for fun. On the dive I saw several Flamingo Tongue Snails, baby eels, and juvenile Angelfish. Next went to the private Guavaberry Springs beach for lunch. Right after lunch we began the beach games, where teams of five, made up of cabin members, competed against each other for a prize. My cabin, Jasmine, was a team of five, with Chase Ryan, John Wengierski, Michael Huber, and Sullivan Curry. Team Jasmine won every competition except for the “night snorkel”. The event required a person to place goggles on their head, that did not allow any visibility, and then a short swim. The first place prize was a Dive BVI hat, which is easily the most comfortable hat I have ever worn. After the games were over, we had a short time to shower and put on clothes for church. The mass was focused on Jesus’s miracle of feeding 5,000 people with two fish and five loaves of bread. Before communion something happened that was new to me, the entire congregation made a circle around the altar, held hands, and prayed the Our Father. After that, the mass came to an end. Then it was a short ride to the Top of the Baths for dinner, with incredible views of the sunset. The Dive BVI Staff presented the Marine 2 group with underwater Sealife cameras, which are able to take 1080p HD pictures down to two-hundred feet. So far, today was my favorite.