Day 2: Wreck Alley and Beach Games


I’m just gonna start off and say this day was awesome. We got up and has another breakfast of champions that consisted of cereal and bread. After everyone scarfed down their fruit loops and frosted flakes we lathered up on sun screen and got ready to leave. After we arrived at the marina we learned that our first dive will be at a place called Wreck Alley. On our way their we were taught about the three ships that lie down in Wreck Alley by Beth. We also learned that we’d be going down 85ft therefore we would have less time to spend down there. My glasses were fogging up so I cleared them and then immediately I saw they 90ft tug boat covered in algae and coral. It was so awesome seeing the rusty boat covered with sea life. After we took some pictures and marveled at the boat, we headed to the next one. The next one was a flipped upside down transport boat used to transport cars across the bay. We actually saw a lion fish down by the back of the boat which was pretty cool. We then swam under the boat looking at everything below. After most of my group was about out of air, we headed back k the boat. We took a brief break, had some snacks, and got ready for our first project dive. We went to a very beautiful coral reef and set up our parameters (which took about 30min due to the current) and began counting blue tang. I actually ended up having to share air with our dive master, Jeff, because I was dangerously close to running out. We then got back on the boat and headed back to shore. We had sandwiches and very good pineapple on the beach right before the big beach games competition. The first competition was water ballon dodgeball. Sadly, our cabin lost, and our chances of first place weren’t looking to good. We ended up playing for 3rd place which we lost so in the first competition we finished 4th. The next game was beach pictionary which we did pretty good at. We had to draw a certain thing related to scuba diving or sea life. We finished 2rd so it was definitely a step up from our last game. The next one was night snorkeling. We put a blacked out snorkel mask on our cabin mate and we had to direct him around a life jacket in the ocean and back to the starting point. We finished 3rd, which is at least better than last. The finally game was worth double points and it was a beach relay. First we had to slide down a slip n slide covered in coconut oil, then we had to grab our snorkeling mask and swim out to the ocean around a life jacket. After we got out of the ocean, we dropped our mask and rolled down a sand hill making us ‘sugar cookies’. We then ran down the beach and up a hill to tap the hand of our next cabin mate to go. We finished 3rd in that game and ended up third in the tournament. After we all washed out the sand in our hairs and pants out we took showers and got ready for mass. We drove up a hill and arrived at a chapel with an amazing view in the background. After we finished mass, we came back and had dinner by the Baths. Tomorrow we are diving the Rhone which I have been looking forward to the most.