Schonberg Day 2:


Today our first activity consisted of diving on two different wrecks in wreck ally. We started on the Beata and then made our way to the island seal, which was upside down. Both of the wrecks were artificial but were incredibly different. The Beata was originally a tug boat before it was sunk and had a lot of squirrel fish and blue chromus’ around it. We then swam to the island seal and saw a couple of tarpon and a limo fish along with more squirrel fish. We swam under the boat noticing some lizard fish and then made our safety stop and headed to the next dive site. The next site was right next to cooper island. We did our experiment  which tested reef complexity and how that effects population density and diversity with the stoplight parrot fish, the blue tang, and the fairy basselet. We ate lunch on the beach and played some beach games including a blind relay a water ballon fight a normal relay and pictionary. My team got second place and got a pair of croakies. We went to shower and then went to church to end the day.