Day 2- jack barker 


Today we went out in the morning to do two dives, one at reck alley and to cooper island to perform our project. In wreck alley we visited wrecks the beata and the island seal. The beata was a tug boat and The island seal was used as a transport truck to move cars and trucks. When it was sunk It sunk it flipped so it is sitting upside down on the sea floor. Unfortunately we were not able to swim though either of these reck dives, but since the island seal is upside down u can swim under neath to see the deck of the boat. While swimming around the boats we saw some fairly large tarpon, and a very small lion fish. The second dive we went down to perform our experiment. We are testing whether a simple or complex reef system will breed more abundance of fish species and density of certain species. To test these two variables we would lay down two 20 ft lines, one in simple, one in complex, then we would swim down the lines one time two count overall number of different species and one time to find the number of fairy basslets, stoplight parrotfish and blue tang. We some problems that kinda gave us a little to similar data between the simple and complex. First we placed the lines too close to each other and it was very hard to lay the tape Measure out over the rocks in the reef. In the simple we found 10 overall species, 3 stoplight parrotfish, 1 fairy basslet, and 0 blue tang. In the complex we found 13 overall species, 2 stoplight parrotfish, 1 blue tang and 1 fairy basslet. After lunch on the beach we played beach games with teams based on cabin, our team name was the Schnozeberries. In the first event dodgeball be got third. In the second event, sand pictionary, we got third again. In the theirs event, the blind snorkel, we got first. Finally in the last event the obstacle course we got second and finished second overall, which one us some dive BVI croakies. Before dinn we had to go to mass half asleep from the beach games. Then to end the night at dinner Casey gave all us seniors underwater cameras for the rest of the week, as an early graduation present. We also got to watch fire dancing before heading back to guava-berry.