Marine Biology Day 2:


Day 2:
We woke up this morning to the usual breakfast routine of cereal, fruit, and glorious juice boxes. We then prepared for the day with sunscreen and filling up on water. We then went to a dive site known as wreck ally. We saw two ships, one of which was a tugboat and the other was a ferry the we got to swim under. We saw many fish like massive tarpon, lizard fish, and squid. We then went back up since our air was low due to the depth. We got out and snacked on Oreos and then went back to the boat. We then traveled a brief ten minutes to reach our first project dive. We let our measuring tapes out and counted the fish for our project. We had a good outcome to back our hypothesis. We got to see more large Tarpon, a lion fish, and very many happy Porsey. We then went to lunch and played at the beach for an hour before the games of the afternoon. We played water balloon dodgeball, in which my team came last. We also did pictionary in the sand in which we got second and the night dive, where Name put on a blacked out mask and we guided him around obstacles at which we got third. And to round it all off we did a relay in which we slide down a coconut oil and water slip and slide, got a piece of snorkel gear and swam to one point and back, rolled in the sand, “like a sugar cookie,” and sprint back to tag the next member of our team, we got third in that too, meaning we got third overall. We then quickly took a cold shower and then proceeded to mass at the top of a mountain. It was cool because all the songs sounded like island reggae. We then had dinner and I had Mahi Mahi and rice. And finally we watched a fire dance show in which I think the waiters performed. The also did it on a wooden deck and I was scared for fire. Now we have gone back to the resort to rest and write.