Day 1


Being my first time in over a year to go scuba diving and my first time in the British Virgin Islands I didn’t really know what to expect. In the morning we ate breakfast then took the taxi to the boats and got are equipment. On our first dive we went to George Dog reef. We used this dive as our checkout dive. First thing once I got in the water I saw a large school of bar jacks. When captain Jeff and my project group got to the bottom, which was about 15-20 feet deep, we went over our diving skills. This included showing Jeff that we were able to defog our mask underwater, clear water from our mask, retreave our regulator if we drop it, and what to do if our dive buddy runs out of air. After we did all that went down the reef until we got to about 50ft there Jeff found a spotted Moray eel. It was beautiful with white spots and an orange-yellowish body. A few minutes later Jeff showed us a banded shrimp in a rock crevice. For our second our second dive we went to Coral Gardens which was 50ft in most places. This reef had a plane wreak from 1997 just in front of our boat then to the left was two large patches of coral. First we went around the plane wreak and after about 5 minutes of looking outside of it we went inside the plane. Inside the plane you could see one large coral sticking down from the ceiling.The bins and most of the cockpit was still intact. After that we went over to the reefs. I saw many blue tangs, squirrelfish, and wrasses. We then made our ascent and during our ascent we took a 3 minute safety stop at 20ft. We then drove back to the dock. Once at the dock we walked to a nearby restaurant and ate lunch. We then went to the Baths. The baths are named the baths because the area is on bathenic plate which is higher than the other plates making the waters much shallower. Another reason it is named the baths is that the area is said to have been a major part in the slave trade and that this was the area that they went to bathe the slaves. We climbed further down the beach over the boulders and then from there snorkeld back to the beach we started at. Along the way I saw a very large school of blue tangs, trunkfish, a large group of wrasses, lots brain corals, and many other fish. Later we ate dinner at the beach, we had lasagna and bread. After dinner we threw the frisbee and watched some kids dance to all the single ladies for punishment. In all today was a great experience.