Day One on the Island



The day started at 8:20 with a short ride to the marina where Dive BVI’s boats are docked. Next, we boarded the boats for a short safety briefing, locating the safety equipment sits in case of an emergency. For the first dive we traveled to George Dog Island for the first checkout dive. The dive lasted about thirty minutes and allowed for the assessment of every individual’s skills as a diver. There were very few fish, mostly sand patches with dead coral. However, the next dive at the Coral Gardens were beautiful. We swam to a a sunken plane, which crashed leaving the airport at Beef Island. It was moved due to the sense of fear instilled in every tourists mind as they land for the first time on the island. It was the first time I saw National Geographic worthy fish, such as squirrel fish, queen angelfish, barracuda, and blue tangs. Shortly after we surfaced, we made our way back to the Dive BVI marina. We had a short break then walked a quarter a mile to the baths, a natural formation of rocks that created caves hundreds of years ago. We learned about two different types of rocks, batholithic and xenolithic. Batholithic rocks are rocks that are formed deep into the crust of the earth, while xenolithic rocks are sharp with ragged edges. Lastly we snorkeled along the shore to the private beach at GuavaBerry Springs for enormous, delicious helpings of lasagna.