Day 1


Today was our first day in BVI, and it was a great day to start off the week. It started out by eating breakfast at guavaberry then heading straight to the harbor to load up on the boats. After running through the safety procedures on the Sea Dragon, we headed out to George Dog Island for a quick dive and snorkel. While everyone was diving, Doc and I took to the surface to explore the reef. While snorkeling I noticed little strings of white membrane in the water, and I found out they were jellyfish eggs due to stinging sensations my body felt. Next, we went to an area called coral gardens. Snorkeling at coral gardens was one of the best snorkels I’ve done because I saw so many different fish including barracuda, blue tang, and angelfish. We then headed back to the harbor for lunch to refuel for our visit to the baths this afternoon. I learned that the baths are called the baths because of the batholific plates that formed it. The tour through the baths led out to the beach where we snorkeled back to guavaberry. After returning we quickly showered, then headed down to the wifi room to present our team projects to our Dive BVI team leader. After we presented our projects to our team leaders, we went down the beach for a delicious dinner over looking the sunset. This was a great first day, and I can’t wait for what the rest of the week has in store.