Day 1 – Cole Morin


Today we went out to take our checkout dive to refresh our diving skills at George Dog island and had hundreds of little bar jacks schooling around the group. After our ability to dive was cleared for diving we set out for a fun dive around a sunken airplane. Before the airplane ever went into the water, it was a brand new plane making its maiden voyage but due to overweight by the number of luggage and people aboard the plane it flew straight into the water after take off. We dive to fifty feet to swim through the gutted interior of the plane also taking a quick glimpse of the cockpit while exiting the plane. We left the plane and almost a minute later we ran into a school of barracuda fish that averaged around three feet long, and had big sharp teeth hanging out of its mouth. We then went into the coral gardens and ran into a green moray eel, and two stingrays. We went to lunch after we got out of the water. After lunch we met up to walk to the baths together. Some people say that they get the name of “the baths” by how slaves that were brought into the BVI bathed there. Another theory of why they’re call the baths is how the bathalithic plate slides under another plate to form the shallow water there. We went snorkeling through the baths and we saw a juvenile trunk fish with a black body with vibrant yellow dots all around its body. At the end of the day we ate amazing spaghetti and played pass with the frisbee as the sun began to wind down behind the other islands in what seemed like a matter of minutes.