Day 1


We woke up today at 7:00am to have breakfast that consisted of eggs, cereal, bread, and muffins which was perfect to start our long day. After we finished breakfast we were taken to the dive shop to get on the dive boats. I am on boat Sea Monkey. After we were told what’s going down on the check dive we descended to about 20ft. We then were tested in different situations such as if our regulator fell out or our dive buddy ran out of there. After everyone passed their test we continued to dive around the area. We saw sergeant majors, blue tangs, a spotted eel, hermit crab, and my favorite a squirrel fish. After diving for about 45 minutes we ascended back to the top and got on the boat. We then took a break, ate a snack, and learned about our next dive spot called “The Plane”. We were told that there is a plane down under that had crashed into the water. Since this dive spot was deeper, we made sure to equalize constantly. After everyone’s ears were equalized, we headed over to the plane. We swam around the sunkin plane and marveled at all the sea life around it. Then Jeff, our dive master, took is through the plane which was very cool. After we swam through the plane we headed over to some nearby coral reefs and checked those out. I liked these reef more than our other dive. We saw much more sea life, schools of fish, and a stingray. We also saw some trumpet fish which looked really cool as well. After spending much time down under the water, it was about time for lunch. We drove back to the marina and unloaded the boat. We then had lunch at a little restaurant right near the marina. I had a very good cheeseburger and some fries to compliment it. After we all took a much needed meal and a few naps at the table, we were informed about our next thing on the agenda. We were told that were hiking to a place called ‘The Baths’. We got a little break back at our cabins before we had to be back at the front. After a little walk on the road we were at the trail head of The Baths. As we mad our we down we learned some history about the giant boulders all around Virgin Gorda. We also we told that they were named The Baths because old slave ships would wash the slaves here when they came in. We also found a spot where supposedly many pirates hung out. After our history lesson, we were at the baths. We took some nice pictures then headed down into the caves. After we hiked through many small crevices we arrived at a beach which we were all glad to jump in the water and cool off. We then snorkeled back to our beach seeing many beautiful corals on the way. After we returned we had an amazing lasagna dinner on the beach with the sunset in the background. To finish of the night, Sully and Preston entertained us by doing the dance to Beyonces Single Ladies due to the fact the left something somewhere during the day. I now will have to double check I have everything whenever we go somewhere.