BVI year two, Day One


Day one, golly gee today was a winner. The day started off with an oh so excellently prepared breakfast made by none other than Doc and Mr. Von. Shortly after breakfast we went diving to review skills and enjoy the marine life of the BVI. On the first dives we saw a brilliantly colored flamingo tongue and the staff was surprised too see a new kind of jellyfish they weren’t familiar with, at the Dog islands, we found upside down jelly fish, a species that I had only ever seen in the Florida keys. I had no idea upside down jellyfish lived in this area, it was a really pleasant surprise. After a nice lunch at the marina, the group headed down to the baths and learned quite a bit about the history of the area. For example, I didn’t know we were in an area that Britain and Spain fought over, using mercenary pirates! After the snorkel and walk through the baths, my new group met with our dive leader to discuss our project and agreed upon studying bioluminescent plankton over lionfish behavior. Furthermore, despite the good chance of seeing one at the coral gardens, the site where we dove, I still haven’t seen a lionfish. Now I retire to the ever lovely lime tree cabin.