Day 1


Today we went out in did two dives in the morning. The first dive was a checkout dive at dog island where we practiced basic dives skills in fairly shallow water. Skills like regulator recovery, buddy breathing, and mask clearing. Then on the second dive we went to the coral gardens and took a look around a plane that had crashed about 17 years ago. We were able swim through the plane that has been rusty and corroded over the years. Around the plane we saw some yellow head jaw fish, lizard fish and one spotted moray hiding under a shelf. In the afternoon we walked upped to the baths for our tour and snorkel. Many stories have been told, that explain why they are called the baths, but that made most sense to me were the two that Beth shared. One was that ships moving slaves from Africa would stop there two bathe the slaves who had been sleeping in their excremental for weeks. The other was that sense the BVI is on a bathalithic plate, which means it’s lifted, which is why the BVI oceans on reach a depth of about 100 ft. The way the rocks were formed was from lava seepage through the tectonic plates, which allowed gases to also be released and captured in the rock making them hollow. Then we snorkeled from the baths back to guava-berry where we saw fairy basslets, stop light trigger fish and stingray. Finally at the end of the day we had dinner on the beach and got to enjoy a single ladies performance by Matt Schoenberg, Preston sledge, and Sullivan curry.