Marine Bilogy Day 1:


Marine Biology Day 1:
Today, we woke up early and went to the offices at guava berry. We learned the ropes of the hotel and how to behave. We also went and learned the property. Soon after we ate breakfast and went back to our cabin to prepare for our first dive. We went to our boats and got fitted for our BCD’s. We then got on our boat, The Sea Monkey with our crew and dove our checkout dive. We practiced clearing our masks and clearing our regulators. We then proceeded to explore and learn the species in the area. We saw a Fairy Basslet and a dotted blue eel. After that dive we got our new tanks and went to our second dive site. It was a plane wreck at the bottom of the ocean. We first made our 55 foot decent to the bottom and went to the reef on the side because the other groups were at the plane. We saw many shrimps and moon jelly fish, one of which stung me on my thumb. After we saw a lizard fish and box fish, we inspected the the plane crash and we saw a barracuda and angelfish prior to swimming through the hull and examining the cockpit. We then after had lunch at which it rained a brief moment and then we hiked to The Baths, where we learned that many people had taken baths their and it’s named after the rock, a bathalis. We then went for a snorkel back to the hotel and we saw many urchins, eels, stingrays and one, very rare, oceanic trigger fish. After that we had dinner and watched the sun set on the islands while playing frisbee. We also talked to our dive master, Beth, about our project and scheduling our dives.