Day 7 – Ellison


Our final full day in the BVI started off with community service. After breakfast we went to a beach, where trash had been building up for weeks. This was also where the island received it water supply, so keeping it clean is a priority. Trash was everywhere, rope and nets from boats were tangled along the beach, and the beach just smelt awful. For about three hours, we cleaned up as much as we could and then left for lunch. For lunch we ate at the restaurant in the marina. Beforehand everyone lined up for the bathroom, to make sure they were as clean as possible after what we had just done. Since it was the last day, the teachers decided to give us the rest of the day off so we could spend time on the beach. Although that sounded great, I wasn’t able to take part in it. After lunch I headed over to the clinic with Matt, who had an ear infection. I was heading to the clinic because I had rash that had spread to my neck and the teachers and I wanted to make sure it was not anything serious. It turned out to be a common rash and I was prescribed some antibiotics. After we left the clinic, J went back to the house, where I passed out on the floor. It seemed like a better option because the bed was very hot and there was no AC. By the time I woke up, Cooper, Jack, and Bobby were back from the beach and it was time for dinner. Since it was our last day we had a formal dinner, followed by a ceremony. Before dinner my group and I got a picture with Beth on the pier. After dinner Casey played a video recapping the week that she had prepared earlier that day. After a long and eventful week, I just want to thank everyone that made it possible. I would like to thank Casey and the Dive BVI staff for making the trip possible, our teachers for also making the trip possible on the other side of things, and I would also like to thank Beth. Beth made the trip better than I could have imagined. Her laid back attitude gave us a certain freedom to have fun, but also kept us behaved. She also kept us on our feet with all of her life stories. Half way through the trip, my group and I were wondering if there was anything Beth couldn’t do. Thank you to everyone for making this trip one of the best experiences of my life.