Day 7 Pontikes


Today is sadly my last day in the British Virgin Islands. I woke around 7 to set up breakfast outside my cabin. At 8 o’clock breakfast was served and Casey brought donuts to go along with it. The breakfast was the usual assortment of food, including bread, cereal, juice, and fruit, except this time we had donuts with the meal too. After we all ate breakfast we were given a little time to get ready for our first and only activity of the day. Once everyone came down to the cattle guard at the entrance of the resort we all got in Glen’s taxi and he took us to the Atlantic side of the island to clean up the trash on the shore. This sight was very different from the other beaches I was used to seeing on the island. The entire coast line was covered in sargasm, an oceanic plant that gives off a putrid smell. For about two hours we cleaned trash off the rocky beach as a way to give back to Virgin Gorda. After we were done with our service project we headed to the marina to have one last lunch on the island. For lunch I had a chicken Cesar wrap and a coke, which was very good. When everyone was done with lunch we were given an hour to walk around the shopping center to buy souvenirs. Then at 1 o’clock everyone got back together to get picked up by the taxi. The taxi took us back to the hotel where we packed our bags. After everyone was packed we were given the rest of the day to relax. With my free time I decided to go to the beach until I had to go back to my cabin to get ready for dinner. After everyone cleaned up from the afternoons activities, we all met at the cattle guard to be picked up and taken to a restaurant near the marina. At the restaurant we were served a buffet of fish, chicken, ribs, mac n’ cheese, and salad with a desert of cake and ice cream. After eating, we watched a very nice film, that Casey put together, over the weeks activities. We then all said our goodbyes, and got ready for the long day of traveling that was ahead of us. Overall the trip was very well organized and a blast. It’s going to be sad to leave but I think I’m ready to go back home.