Day 7 Sherer: “I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again”


Today I once again woke up to the beautiful sound of birds chirping and the feral roosters crowing. As always, the alarm only woke me up, so I had to wake Xander and Jack up. We then got ready and went to breakfast at Mark’s cabin. Today we were treated with the usual cereal and fruit, but today Casey brought us massive donuts. I proceeded to wolf down a bowl of fruit loops and two massive donuts to give me “much needed energy” for a day of service. After that, Glen took us to the site where we would be picking up trash off of the beach. The beach was coated in sargassum. Sargassum is an algae that smells like a mix between rotten eggs and dead fish, but we quickly got used to the smell. We then proceeded to pick up trash off of the beach. Among the highlights were: multiple plastic bottle caps, fishing line, a buoy that Jeff found, various plastics, and even a big rope used to tie in larger boats to docks (it took about 7 of us to carry it). Suarez, Jack, and I also dug up most of a cluster of fishing net, but Jeff told us it would budge no more, so we naturally kept trying till we just gave up. We then ate lunch at the marina and went back to the hotel. We then had some free time. Naturally, I swam in the ocean than came back to the cabin to crash. After a much needed nap, Glen then drove us over to where we had dinner. There Casey showed us an amazing video over what we did this week. After that we all said our goodbyes to all of the staff, and Jeff helped Jack and I fill out our logbooks for the week. We then packed and went to bed, effectively ending our last day in paradise. I personally want to thank all of the Dive BVI crew and our teachers. Jeff, thank you for all your life lessons and your vast knowledge of life and the universe (this of course includes marine biology). You are the best (and only) dive instructor I have had since I got my certification. Beth, thank you for telling us the history of the island, like the story with the two Indian tribes, and your amazing cupcakes. Gaz, thank you for your impersonations and all of your jokes. Also thanks for not driving me into any jellyfish on the boat (Mark on the misery loop made for a good shield). Also a big thanks to Becca and Andrea. I didn’t have a lot of time to meet you, but you seemed like overall great people. And finally, a big thanks to Casey who created and organized this entire trip. Without you, none of this would have been possible. It seems now all I have left to thank are the Warsaw Warhammer and Doc. Thank you both for organizing and managing this entire trip, as well as all of your jokes and jest (Jellyfish caused the wreck of the Rhone confirmed?). This was an amazing trip, and I hope to see you all again next year.