Marshall, Day 07


The last day started off really well because we got to sleep in an extra thirty minutes. We ate at house plum and we had the usual plus some really tasty donuts that Casey brought for everybody. After breakfast we all loaded up and went to a beach to do some community service. This place is where all the water on the island comes from so it is very important for them to keep it clean. We were there for two hours picking up trash and some sargasm. Sargasm smells so bad but we all pushed through for the island. A bunch of trash ends up here because the wind and current blows all the trash from the ocean to this location. After we were done, we had a bunch of trash bags and some warm hearts. After community service, we all headed to lunch on the beach. I had a very tasty cheeseburger with fries and a soda. After lunch we went back to our cabins to pack. J we packed, we all hung out at the beach. We swam and sat in the sun for three to four hours and got a little burnt… After that we showered and got ready for dinner. We went to a beautiful buffet of fish, ribs, chicken, and many sides. After that, Casey showed us a video that was twenty minutes of pictures and videos from the week which was so nice of her. We all said our goodbyes and a few tears were shed. I’m gonna miss the BVI and the Dive BVI staff, especially Beth. Beth was so nice and helpful to us. She guided us on our project the entire week to success. I grew a little on the trip and it is something I will never forget. Thanks Mom, Dad, and Jesuit for letting me experience such an awesome trip as this one.